Welcome to the Mediapolis First United Methodist Church website. We’re glad you’re here! If this is your first visit, we encourage you to browse around the site and begin to experience some of the amazing ways God is working in the church, in our community and in the world.

You will find archives of special sermon topics as well as other previously recorded messages, a link for current and previous newsletters, a calendar of events and an opportunity to see some of the ways we work together in mission and ministry. 

If you hit the Ministries tab, chances are you will find at least one area that sparks some interest (maybe more!). We would love for you to join with us as we serve our Risen Lord and Savior, so if you have any questions please hit the Contact Us tab or click here.

Under the Missions tab, you’ll get an opportunity to see some of the missionaries we support and pray for. You will also find information about the community food pantry, a mission we join together with other area churches to bring relief to families who are experiencing uncertain times.

Of course, you can always join with us in worship to experience some of these things first-hand. Whether talking about it, singing about it or praying about it, we are on an ever-growing journey to walk closer with Jesus. Visit us on either of our Sunday morning services; times are located under the Worship tab.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit us through this site, and please don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us with any questions. 

In Christ,
Pastor Bruce Smith